Breakfast Menu

We serve breakfast from 8am to 10am. Help yourself to our cold buffet of juices, cereals, fruit, yogurt and freshly baked breads. We also offer a great selection of freshly prepared pre-ordered cooked breakfasts, including potato waffles, scambled eggs and  all the delights of a full Irish breakfast. Irish breakfast tea, freshly brewed coffee, hot chocolate and a range of herbal teas are available. Please advise us in advance of your choice and any dietary requirements. 

 ALLERGENS  NUMBERED 1 to 9 Consult the Allergens List below to identify those contained in the various options .


Choose from the Following;


 Continental Buffet Self Service Option


Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit and yogurt (6.)

Cornflakes( or Muesli(1.7.) or Rice Krispies(1.) or Bran (1.)

Brown and white bread (

Brown and white toast (

Fruit fairy cakes(1.2.6.) and French brioche rolls (1.2.6.)

Tea and coffee  with/without milk(6)

Table Service Option


Fresh fruit Juice

Selection of fresh fruit and natural yogurt(6.) from our Breakfast Buffet Table

Cornflakes(, Muesli(1.&7.), Rice Krispies(1.) or Bran(1.)

Hot Porridge Oatlets (1.)


Hot Breakfasts, 

Full Irish;  Bacon, egg(2.) sausage(1.), black & white pudding (1.)hash browns (1.) mushrooms, tomatoes and beans.


Pancakes (1.2.6.)


Potato waffles with fried eggs(2.) bacon and tomato


Scrambled eggs(2.) with bacon and tomato  -OR-     Scrambled eggs(2.) with Smoked Salmon(2.)


Boiled  -OR-  Poached eggs(2.)


 Tea -OR- Coffee

White or brown bread (

White or brown toast (

Selection of fruit fairy cakes(1.2.6.) and French milk brioch rolls (1.2.6.)




Tomato Ketchup (1.)

Brown Sauce (1.5.)

Mustard (1.8.)


List of Allergens

1   —– Cereals containing gluten

2   —–Eggs

3  —– Fish

4   —-  Peanuts

5  —-  Soybeans

6   —-  Milk

7  —-  Nuts

8   —-  Mustard

9  —-  Sesame Seeds

Special Dietary requirements catered for /Request at time of booking or arrival. We also offer a selection of Weight Watchers breakfasts and count the points for you.

You can enjoy breakfast between 8am and 10am